DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde 2020

ust to bite on! The playful SunCover in a trendy canvas-leather-mix immediately makes you want to eat sun and sweet fruits. No matter what you do, with the ANY DI SunCover your glasses are safely stored and always at hand. They take up little space in your bag, but only when attached to a bag or belt does this stylish accessory with its tropical look become a mega eye-catcher! Softly padded microfibre protects the inner lenses from scratches, dust and juice stains. The high-quality finishing and the gold-plated elements give the SunCover a noble touch.

And this is how the SunCover works: Insert the glasses with open temples, fold the cover and close it with the button. This gives the glasses a firm hold. Fold the temples at the back of the SunCover, done! Thanks to its patented design, the SunCover is suitable for all common shapes and sizes of glasses and is available in more than 60 different colours and styles.


: SP101602


: The canvas elements of the bag already have a dirt and water-repellent coating. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile and increases the durability of the bag to remove dirt and stains as freshly as possible and to refresh the impregnation regularly. Stains on canvas are gently removed with mild soap, a small sponge and lukewarm water, for example. It is important here to let the cotton fabric dry well afterwards. Carefully treat the leather elements with a colourless leather care product, impregnate them regularly and clean them from time to time with a microfibre cloth. Design-patented shape. Closable with push button. Leather hanger at the back for fixing at bags and belts