DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde 2020


Milano, Italia


Corso Garibaldi n. 49
20121 Milano (Milano)

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The alchemy between history and contemporary design, and the production of UNCONVENTIONAL, COOL, URBAN, and LIGHT frames, are the qualifying characters of our company.
The Mucelli family, after 30 years of experience, founder of Les Pièce Uniques, wants to share through its creations the importance of wearing high-end glasses. Be it sophisticated, informal, easy-to-wear, glasses should appreciate the uniqueness of the wear. The pride of a fully Italian product, the accuracy finishes and the outstanding quality of materials make each and every LPU product comfortable and light.
Les Pièce Uniques was born in the heart of Brera, in Milan, home of “made in Italy” design.
This is the identity card of a collection that is far form the ostentatious approach of designer-brands: sober but super-modern, discrete but precious, projected into the future through a meticolous focus on details


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