DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde 2020


Belluno, Italia

32026 Belluno (Belluno)

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Trained as an architect in the historic city of Venice, Lara D’Alpaos launched her first eyewear collection under the name Lara D’ in 2010. Raised in a family with over 40 years’ expertise in Italian eyewear production, and passionate about fashion and design, her launch collection exceeded all expectations, successfully combining Italian craftsmanship, quality and a whimsical design language - a style that is creative and original, but never out of place.
Lara’s fascination for architecture and her studies in art conservation, restoration and interior design led her to create her own unique design style in eyewear, linked closely to her passion for innovative industrial design concepts, artistic disciplines and the creative possibilities of playing with nuances of colour. She experiments with form, shape and colour combinations in her artisan frames, while cherishing a deep understanding of the history of eyewear and its evolution through the last decades.
Growing up in Belluno, Lara’s family has had an important role in sparking her passion for designing frames. As a young student, she would spend summer days in her father’s ‘manufactory’ learning the art of spectacle-making and the precise artisan techniques for producing and finishing the frames by hand, skills which have guided her with the LARA D’ project, working with local artisans to develop the frames and perfect each design.


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