DaTE – Shaping Avantgarde 2020

Formelli 1945 srl

Bologna, Italia


Via Cerioli, 23
40033 Bologna (Bologna)

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Formelli 1945” celebrates in 2020 its 75th birthday spent in distributing eyewear’s collection in Italy. The nephews of the founder are today heading the company, which distributes the brands MOLESKINE, DOUBLEICE, VINYL FACTORY and TABATA swimming goggles just in the Italian market. Moleskine, brand of the world’s famous notebooks, is already a solid presence in the Italian optical market for its linear design and lightness. Made up in acetate and stainless steel for a passionate public. Doubleice, vivid and colourful, is the proposal of reading glasses and sunglasses for people that don’t want to be unnoticed. Vinyl Factory is the French brand of music in its DNA with vintage shapes and bright colors. TABATA is instead the technical product for swimmer.


: Formelli 1945 srl
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: Formelli 1945 srl