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Revolutionary Eyewear is an idea by Michele Saladino. Thanks to his long-time expertise, Michele has been working and cooperating with the best Italian eyewear and fashion showcases for more than 15 years, generating exclusive and trend news.
Revolutionary Eyewear offers an extremely accurate selection of the most interesting collections in design lab eyewear market all over the world. The revolutionary eyewear of the companies we represent are unique, but all of them have their own peculiar planning quality and ways to conceive a special object by innovative design and materials: they tell stories about research, high quality materials, a wise and unique use of colours, machinery, sophisticated technologies and precious handmade job of expert craftsmen. Revolutionary Eyewear describe eyewear field never stopping taking challenges and chasing a dream taking lifestyles, character and personality in exclusive collections.
Choose the collections telling the story, the personality and the uniqueness of your clients.


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: Revolutionary Eyewear