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ANYthing is possible: a philosophy of life

The designer and founder always dreamed of the perfect companion. As a professional tennis player, she travelled frequently and it was impossible for her to bring all her daily essentials whilst wearing them comfortably and still looking fabulous.

A versatile talent like her designs

During her fashion studies in Munich, Anne developed the idea for a versatile high-end accessory collection in terms of design and comfort. Inspired by the vision creating a handbag for every condition of life and all women, she not only brought up precious designs, furthermore the patented strap system offers infinite wearing options. Her practically oriented and grounded mentality makes her brand prosperous. As a result Anne’s incredible intuition for innovation and modern luxury cannot be constrained by accessories: The ANY DI SunCover is the signature piece of the brand, due to its unique shape and the luxurious design alinged with the unprecedented feature.

ANY DI SunCover: the first spectacle case which can be attached to the handbag.

The elegant leather accesory is worldwide an eyecatcher and an absolute innovation on the market. The soft SunCover keeps your glasses safe, protects them from scratches and finally does not need much space in your bag. Every size and shape fits in. Hanging on the bag or worn on the belt your hands are always free and you’ll have your glasses ready at hand. Using smooth leather enhances the quality. Furthermore it protects the glasses and the sleek microfiber lining exempts the glasses from dust and impurities.


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